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Honolulu Police Officer Fatally Injured

Earlier this evening a Honolulu Police Officer sustained fatal injuries at a traffic stop when the officer was struck by another vehicle.  Two officers were hit during this motor vehicle collision. Regrettably, an officer who dedicated themselves to protecting and serving passed away on while in route to medical care.

The thoughts and prayers from the Hawaii Defense Foundation and Hawaii Concealed Carry‘s supporters and directors are with the families during these hard times.

We, the people around the islands, need to try harder to pay attention to the road; don’t drive if you are tired, have been drinking, or are under significant stress.  We can’t afford senseless deaths like this.  Someones father or mother (the sex was not disclosed at this time) is not coming home today, because of bad driving.   There is nothing more deadly then peoples driving out on the road – not even guns.

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Christopher Baker, is the owner and operator of He is a Criminal Justice Student and University of Maryland University College; also he is a Life member of the Second Amendment Foundation, a Life member with the National Rifle Association, and a member of the Hawaii Rifle Association. Any questions please feel free to contact him at .

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  1. Derek says:

    What a shame. My family’s thoughts and prayers are certainly with that unfortunate officer.

  2. Lynnette says:

    His name is Eric Fontes. He is my 1st cousin. His father Uncle Mac from Molokai is my uncle. My mom’s brother. Eric is already missed so badly. He was a good son, husband, brother, cousin and partner. Anytime you were feeling down, no matter, Eric would make you laugh. Even now you would feel ok. I am a sergeant in Calif. for 14 years. Eric always copying me. But that’s how we did it even from a young age. If we went scuba-fishing and I went down 10 ft, he would go down 15 feet and tease me all day for it. I love him. The boy who hit him, well Eric is a God-fearing man and he would forgive this boy and would have been his good friend. Ask anyone. So I too, will forgive this boy and let him continue to fight for this country. No need to take two lives.

  3. Jocko Lopez says:

    We are sorry to hear from your lost, we are sportbiker club and we understand how this accidents happen out here in honolulu, drivers got to be more aware of the traffic and what’s going on in the roads. Our prayers are with Eric and he’ll be missed as a great HPD of our community. Drivers open your eyes….on the last week we had 3 deadly accidents, no reason for this to be happening here in our islands…..

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