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Hawaii Assault Weapon Ban

Hawaii Politicians move to ban assault weapons in the Aloha State.

That’s right folks, the title says it all.  One of the days that we have been afraid of is on the horizon.  There is no tinfoil here – none at all: they want your guns.

The basic description of the bill is as follows (with the full text being seen here):

Prohibits the distribution, transport, importation into the State, keeping for sale, or offering or exposing for sale assault weapons, or giving to another person assault weapon. Defines assault weapon. Prohibits the possession, sale, transfer, or use of a machine gun in the perpetration or attempted perpetration of certain crimes. Defines machine gun. Makes use of an assault weapon or machine gun in the course of committing murder in the first degree or second degree, manslaughter, kidnapping, sexual assault, assault in the first or second degree, robbery, burglary, or theft subject to criteria for extended term of imprisonment.

What can you do? Well, you need to get active. Lace up your damn gloves and get ready to fight.  First things first, join the discussion over on (Our local gun forum).  Also, you should be working closely with the Hawaii Rifle Association.  Lastly, you should be watching out for the new stuff coming by the local group  Hawaii Defense Foundation, who will be working with national coalitions to fight these bad laws.

This one will be brief and simple, and we will be posting more about this soon.


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Christopher Baker, is the owner and operator of He is a Criminal Justice Student and University of Maryland University College; also he is a Life member of the Second Amendment Foundation, a Life member with the National Rifle Association, and a member of the Hawaii Rifle Association. Any questions please feel free to contact him at .

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  1. Rico Cintron says:

    Can anyone provide info if current assult rifle owners will have their guns stolen if this law is passed? Will active duty military have their guns taken? Thanks a million folks!

  2. William Baker says:

    Chris I am moving back to Hawaii and fully believe in 2nd amendment. Please write me that I can get active and help and prepare?

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