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Hawaii County – Application For License to Carry Firearms and Weapons

After receiving reports of Big Island residents being unable to obtain the forms required to apply for a concealed firearms permit, I decided that I would submit a FOIA request to obtain them — they are public documents after all. One of the main goals of our information request was to make these permit forms accessible to the general public, we do that here.

Provided below is the form that Hawaii County Police Department took upon themselves to create. Let it be known that Hawaii Law directs the Attorney General to develop these forms — and they should be uniform throughout the state.  It’s plain and clear that the Hawaii County Police Department is not in compliance with state law.  It’s very likely that no one has ever looked this far into some of our problems. This issue will be raised with the Chiefs of Police.  We suspect that Hawaii County is not the only one.

You may download the Application for License to Carry Firearms and Weapons from Google Docs.