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Hawaii Handgun and Firearm Laws

Hawaii Concealed Carry provides to you easy to simple and easy to understand training on Hawaii gun laws. All the resources for knowledge and information are contained below. Some law pages have new and up to date visual presentations to will assist in teaching you do’s and don’ts of our aloha state.

Firearms Forms

Hawaii County

No forms for other counties are available at this time.

Hawaii Gun Laws

HRS 134-1 General Regulations

Section 134-1 Covers essentially covers definitions relevant to the rest of the firearm laws. Most importantly, 134-1 defines an assault pistol.

HRS 134-2 Permits to Acquire

The permit to acquire rules are found in section 134-2.  This page should give you the basic overview of the permit to acquire rules and process.

HRS 134-3 Registration

HRS 134-3.5 Disclosure for firearm permit

HRS 134-4 Transfer, possession of firearms

HRS 134-7 Ownership or possession prohibited, when; penalty.

HRS 134-9 Licenses to carry *Our — NO Issue law*

HRS 134-10.5 Storage of firearm; responsibility with respect to minors.

HRS 134-11Exemptions

HRS 134-13 Revocation of Permits

HRS 134-14 Report

HRS 134-16 Restriction on possession, sale, gift, or delivery of electric guns

HRS 134-17 Penalties

HRS 134-23 Place to keep loaded firearms other than pistols and revolvers; penalty.

HRS 134-24 Place to keep unloaded firearms other than pistols and revolvers; penalty.

HRS 134-25 Place to keep pistol or revolver; penalty.

HRS 134-26 Carrying or possessing a loaded firearm on a public highway; penalty.

HRS 134-27 Place to keep ammunition; penalty.